Digital Concert FAQs


How can I purchase digital concert “tickets”?

You can purchase a digital season subscription including 5 concerts starting at $50 per household online at After each concert film is released, “single tickets” will also be on sale at $10 per household. Those will be available at by clicking the “Get Access” button on the concert video you wish to view.

Here are some instructions for troubleshooting with your digital subscription account.


How will I watch the BSO’s new digital concerts?

The BSO is partnering with the website USCREEN to host digital concerts during the 2020-2021 season. Digital concerts will be released via USCREEN monthly from February to June 2021. If you purchase a digital subscription in advance, concert videos and related content will appear as they are released in your video library once you log-in to USCREEN.

Do I have to watch at the scheduled premiere times?

No! The dates listed on our website tell you when each concert video will go live, but you can watch the concert at any time afterwards up to 30 days.

Can I re-watch concerts?

Yes! Once a concert is released, it will be available for thirty days and you may watch it as many times as you wish during that period.

Will USCREEN work on my device?

Our USCREEN page is accessible on over 1000 devices including iOS devices, Android devices, MACs, PCs, and more. For easy access, you can bookmark our page in your web browser, or add it to the home screen of your mobile device. For best audio quality, we recommend using a device other than your phone. If watching from a phone, we recommend using headphones or external speakers.

Can I watch BSO concerts on my TV?

Depending on your tech set up, you may be able to watch BSO concerts on your TV. You will either need an Apple TV/Airplay set up or a Google Chrome/Chromecast set up. For the majority of laptops, Google Chrome and Chromecast will be the easiest route to stream a BSO concert to your TV. In order to do so, you will need to load the BSO’s USCREEN page in the Google Chrome browser, which can easily be downloaded and installed here. You will also need to have purchased and installed the Chromecast plug-in device. Once those settings are in place, hit the Chromecast icon in your browser to connect your device to your TV.


When are concerts being filmed, and how?

Each concert program will be filmed at the Collins Center for the Arts with BSO musicians playing to an empty hall approximately 2 weeks prior to the scheduled video release dates listed on our website. We will be utilizing a professional videography team with 5  cameras and radio-quality audio to bring you an entirely new BSO concert experience.

What safety measures are you following?

The BSO has worked with the Maine State CDC and venue partners to ensure a strong safety plan for gathering musicians and recording concerts this winter and spring. All BSO musicians and staff will be tested for COVID-19 before the start of each recording weekend. Musicians and production staff will be masked and practicing social distancing at all times, both on-stage and off. Our programming has changed to fall well within State of Maine gathering limits: our typical orchestra size this season will feature 25 musicians instead of 65, and program lengths are shorter to allow for more frequent rehearsal breaks for cleaning and air redistribution. Our opening two concert programs will not include aerosol-producing instruments, as we continue to evaluate studies on best practices for utilizing such instruments.

For any further questions, please write to info at Thank you!